Since first visiting the Nike Runner’s Lounge last week, I have learned that, in marketing circles, this kind of pop-up shop is not new; it is a form of “tryvertising“. The idea is to integrate a product into the consumer’s regular use pattern without any sales pressure. This marketing strategy makes the product relevant to the consumer, allowing for adoption.

00200507t.jpgThis time, I tried out the Nike Air Zoom Skylon Triax 2007, a light weight shoe whose flexible sole design bears some similarity to the Nike Free. During the six (6) mile test run, I was so impressed with them that my thought was the only thing limiting these shoes is the wear-tester (me)!

I will definitely consider this model of shoes when doing my comparison shopping. They would be suitable for short, fast-paced training, like tempos and intervals.

Today: 20.51mi, 2:35:20 (av. 7:34/mi)


4 Responses to “Tryvertising”

  1. tom riley Says:

    have fun in Eugene. it will be a fun event. John Ticer, a 50 year old animal will be trying for 2:35 there. He gave up 100’s this year to try to run fast. I will be watching taking tons of pictures of friends. I’m too slow for marathons. Go get sub 3! But have fun first and formost!
    tom riley

  2. tixxx Says:

    Hello Tom, tx for your encouragement. Sub 3 would be like the holy grail for me but you’re right to first enjoy the event. As for JT he’s quite a specimen (meant in the most complimentary way) to be putting out such performances, would obviously be vying for tops in his age group — truly remarkable.

    Are you local to Eugene? Heard any recent buzz about the event?

  3. Volunteering « At My Pace Says:

    […] it made the segment of my run at MRP quite enjoyable. However, I don’t think it displaced the Air Zoom Skylon Triax as my favourite Nike shoe, so far, but it’s my second […]

  4. Sweet pair « At My Pace Says:

    […] trip to Oregon, I picked up the Nike Air Zoom Hayward (merely cosmetic diffs from my other fav, the Skylon), on sale for US$49 (MSR US$80) and no sales tax […]

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