Too much, almost

As I post this entry, my body is screaming to me with fatigue signals. I felt weird today before my run and, in deciding to add another run to an already jam-packed week of training, I rationalized that running would make me feel better — it usually does. Not this time!

At this moment, my whole body aches, especially the legs. My body temp feels cold (I was shivering even after a hot shower), but my face is flushed, cheeks and forehead very warm to the touch. I feel weak.

I’m pretty sure that I am not fighting a bug. I think I am feeling the stresses of my last heavy week of training before the marathon (three weeks from today!).

Looking back, it was an amazing week of workouts — now need some better rest and tapering. Although I am completely exhausted at the moment, I am very happy with this week’s training, including the following highlights:

1. 79mi in total — really about as high as I would want to push the volume (Mon-Sun);
2. Long run with decent intensity, 23.12mi (av. 7:35/mi) (Fri);
3. Intervals of 5x1mi, with progressive speeds and short recoveries — about as intense as I have ever pushed mile intervals (Thurs);
4. Two double days (Tues and Wed);
5. Hills circuit (x4 ascents of 1.11 mile w 112′ elev.), with each rep faster than any previous day (Tues);
6. Three laps of Sun Run 10k coursesunrunstart_fp2005.jpg (2x Fri, 1x Sun), to help visualize/anticipate next Sunday’s race — easy to get distracted on race day, with 50,000+ participants!
7. Two core strengthening days, 1.5 hours each (Mon and Sat); and
8. One day of non-running, leg massage session instead (Mon).

Today: 11.5mi, 1:26:36 (av. 7:32/mi)

Week: 79mi, ~9:40:00, plus core strengthening, 3:00:00; total ~12:40:00


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