The elixir

Last week was too much, almost. I pushed my limits with volume, intensity and frequency — barely leaving time to eat, bathe and clothe myself !! I felt the effects too, as my body kind of shut down two days ago. I felt shivery and weak.

6005-186921899.jpgI realized then that I needed treatment and adopted a 3-2-1 recovery plan: three ibuprofens per day, two days’ rest and, most importantly, one large, steaming bowl of Pho (Korean Vietnamese {tx Angie!} beef ‘n rice noodle soup).

Whenever, I feel weak or under the weather, I go for Pho — it’s like the elixir for all my ailments.

When feeling run down, choosing to Pho is never a faux pas !!

The 3-2-1 recovery went so well that, today, I completed a tough pre- Sun Run interval session, followed by a wonderful 40 minute leg massage — the latter is truly the best part of marathon training… “mmm, that feels… sooo… goood !!”

Today: Intervals (2-1-2-1) (TM) 1miwu, 2mi11:34[3:00], 1mi5:42[3:00], 2mi11:44[3:00], 1mi5:45[6:00], .5micd


4 Responses to “The elixir”

  1. angie Says:

    the real pho pas is the you said korean beef n’ rice noodle soup – pho is actually vietnamese cuisine. the word pho is the word for rice noodle.

    however, korean soup with noodles are also very comforting and wonderful. all korean soups have the word tung in them, usually the second word of the dish name. tung is the korean word for soup. i highly recommend kalbi tung – which comes with clear noodles and a bowl of rice on the side.

    final random fact, the words pho and tung are both very similar to the cantonese and mandarin words meaning the same thing.
    what’s that you say? “no way!?”
    yes way.

  2. tixxx Says:

    I actually made that mistake about Korean, just to see if anyone was paying attention… but now I’m really hungry… what’s for dinner anyway?

  3. Rahim Rahman Says:

    Damn. It’s only 8:35AM Denver time. I’m hungry for pho or tung….

    I usually go for Tom Yum soup, a thai dish made with lemongrass, shrimp, fish sauce etc. If you get it potent enough, it’ll clear your sinuses right out.

    Damn. I’m definitely hungry now!

  4. Josh Morphew Says:

    Wow… I wish I had read this last week! Just getting over a flu bug…

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