Racer’s regret


As I ran up the final hill at 9k if I’d just given a little extra push, I would probably have achieved my goal of a 10k PB. Instead, I missed it by about 12 10 seconds, crossing the line in 37:48 (my watch) 37:46 (official)… although, that is my best in four years !

Today: 10k Race, 37:48 (Garmin: 6.3mi, av. 6:00/mi), 2.5miwu, 2.5micd


4 Responses to “Racer’s regret”

  1. angie Says:

    i think if you had a good variety of 80’s tunes on your iPod, it may have helped the cause. seeing that I have absolutely no other authority on giving advice to you about running, this is going to have to be it. perhaps next time some Wang Chung?

  2. Josh Says:

    Drat! So close. But still, congrats on a strong performance.

  3. Josh Says:

    BTW – the playlist is great… did it help?

  4. tixxx Says:

    Good suggestion Angie… Wang Chung will be a great accompaniment to a sunny spring run… luckily I have their greatest hit CD !

    And Josh… thanks very much, I really wanted a PB — they are so much harder to come by as the years go by but the tunes were great !! It was kind of cool because I distinctly remember as each new song began but then I must have been too focussed on keeping the feet moving to have really paid attention… but I think I would have missed not having them, if that makes sense.

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