Expectations plummet

On my best day, the prospect of running a marathon is daunting but, as this weekend approaches, I am filled with self doubt.

images3.jpgDuring the past eleven days I have been ravaged by the symptoms of a terrible chest cold. I thought I was turning the corner a couple of days ago but, alas, I am no where near myself yet — still coughing phlegm, congested and weak. Needless to say, my confidence to race right now is mediocre at best.

Notwithstanding this protracted malaise, I have decided to at least make the trip to Eugene. I will wait to see how I feel on Sunday morning before I make any decision about actually running the marathon. If I do run it, my primary goal will be to simply enjoy the experience of running in a new place in the atmosphere of a marathon. My secondary goal will be to finish… hmm, haven’t said that since my first marathon, five years ago!

Certainly, any previous thoughts I had regarding target times for the half/finish and pace/mi have been completely abandoned.

It’s taken me several days to reconcile my aspiration to run my best marathon this weekend against the reality that, despite enduring the rigors of 16-week training, I am not physically ready to make the attempt. I believe that I can still make the event a worthwhile cause by accepting the fact that those things which I used to think were merely incidental to running a fast (PB) race — like finishing it and absorbing the experience of it — will now replace a goal finishing time as my motivation.


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