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Sign on the door

May 10, 2007

0027-0403-0208-1633_sm.jpgAbandoning the routines of home/work to get away from it all, I am notionally hanging a sign on the door At My Pace which reads:

    ” Gone Fishing Running

… my attempted anti-cliché serves notice that, although on vacation

(which will entail a respite from this exercise in self-indulgence),

I won’t be taking a holiday from satisfying the irresistible urge !

Today: 10mi, 1:10:27 (av. 7:03/mi)


Sun run, literally

May 9, 2007

banner-collage1.jpgShining brilliantly all day,

    the sun triggered my compulsion,

      persuading me to run,

        then prevailed upon me again.


    1. 5.51mi, 36:10 (av. 6:34/mi)
    2. 8.0mi, 1:03:01 (av. 7:51/mi)

Back to the basics

May 8, 2007


I feel fully recovered from the marathon I ran 10 days ago. Over this time, rather than following any type of routine, I have returned to a style of running which is based upon perceived effort, specifically, moderately hard (i.e., easier than a tempo pace but still hard enough to break a sweat).

This reminds me of how I used to run, several years ago, before I had learned about the more technical aspects of training, such as tempos, intervals, striders, fartleks, hills, pace, cadence and splits.

Today: 5.5mi, 38:13 (av. 6:57/mi)

p.s. now be a dear and fix me a drink, would you?

Socratic method

May 7, 2007

Impressed by his stellar marathon, I decided that I would attempt to elicit his knowledge. socr.jpg

Congratulating him on a 2:50-something finish time, I asked if it was his PB. He said it was, by about 8 minutes. I then queried about his conditioning program but he said he didn’t really do marathon-specific training.

Not satisfied, I asked about his weekly mileage and he responded that he ran only three days per week and not more than ~30mi in total.

Now completely puzzled, my moment of clarity came when I raised the subject of his weight, guessing it correctly at 133lbs (5’9″ frame) — ah hah !!

Hmmm… I wonder if my running performances would be enhanced by dropping down to his size, shedding off about 24lbs (!?).


    1. 4.5mi, 29:29 (av. 6:33/mi);
    2. 7.0mi, 54:40 (av. 7:49/mi)

Spectator sport

May 5, 2007

There’s a feeling of anticipation in the city as lots of out-of-towners buzz around and skads of event banners adorn lamp standards (as per photo of Burrard St. Bridge), drawing attention to tomorrow’s race…


… the 36th edition of the annual Vancouver Marathon.

It’s estimated that there will be 15,000 participants (full/half/relay).rande_cook-frog-white.jpg

Burrard St. Bridge is the prime place to spectate and cheer on the brave souls because the marathoners will cross over and back, at approx miles 17 and 24 of their journeys.

From recent race experience, I know how uplifting it can be, especially in the latter miles, when someone on the sidelines makes momentary eye-contact, shouts out your name (displayed on the bib) and white-lies that you’re…

        LOOKING STRONG !!“.

Today: 7.01mi, 48:32 (av. 6:55/mi)

Sweet pair

May 4, 2007

I had done the necessary reading

    described as soft, smooth and responsive.

I viewed them briefly once, up close, and could tell —

    they are spectacular.

I have since pined for a pair, to have all to myself…


At last, it is so.

On my recent trip to Oregon, I picked up the Nike Air Zoom Hayward (merely cosmetic diffs from my other fav, the Skylon), on sale for US$49 (MSR US$80) and no sales tax !!


In my runner’s mentality, truly the sweetest pair I’ve had !!

Today: 5.17mi, 33:57 (av. 6:58/mi)


May 3, 2007

With the first third of 2007 expired and a spring marathon completed, I noted that the miles I’ve run over the year so far tally exactly 1000… a milestone of sorts.

Three full days of rest have elapsed post-marathon and today was the first day I was able to put my full body weight on my legs without any pain — so I ran.

But now it’s time to think about where my running compulsion will next take me:

  • another marathon;
  • some shorter distance races; or
  • just leisure exercise (?).
  • Today: 3.32mi, 22:45 (av. 6:51/mi)