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Spectator sport

May 5, 2007

There’s a feeling of anticipation in the city as lots of out-of-towners buzz around and skads of event banners adorn lamp standards (as per photo of Burrard St. Bridge), drawing attention to tomorrow’s race…


… the 36th edition of the annual Vancouver Marathon.

It’s estimated that there will be 15,000 participants (full/half/relay).rande_cook-frog-white.jpg

Burrard St. Bridge is the prime place to spectate and cheer on the brave souls because the marathoners will cross over and back, at approx miles 17 and 24 of their journeys.

From recent race experience, I know how uplifting it can be, especially in the latter miles, when someone on the sidelines makes momentary eye-contact, shouts out your name (displayed on the bib) and white-lies that you’re…

        LOOKING STRONG !!“.

Today: 7.01mi, 48:32 (av. 6:55/mi)