Socratic method

Impressed by his stellar marathon, I decided that I would attempt to elicit his knowledge. socr.jpg

Congratulating him on a 2:50-something finish time, I asked if it was his PB. He said it was, by about 8 minutes. I then queried about his conditioning program but he said he didn’t really do marathon-specific training.

Not satisfied, I asked about his weekly mileage and he responded that he ran only three days per week and not more than ~30mi in total.

Now completely puzzled, my moment of clarity came when I raised the subject of his weight, guessing it correctly at 133lbs (5’9″ frame) — ah hah !!

Hmmm… I wonder if my running performances would be enhanced by dropping down to his size, shedding off about 24lbs (!?).


    1. 4.5mi, 29:29 (av. 6:33/mi);
    2. 7.0mi, 54:40 (av. 7:49/mi)

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