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Showing leg

March 14, 2007

With Daylight Savings Time arriving earlier this year, many runners will have more daytime in which to run — unless you are an early bird. Today was another gorgeous sunny day and, like me, many runners doffed the tights and exposed some leg. Which brings me to an interesting topic.

shorts.jpgSome legs, all svelte in short-shorts, might be gawked at admiringly (slightly dated article) but most guys’ legs are different, less visually appealing.

When it comes to the subject of running shorts, the typical jock worries less about image and more about comfort/functionality.

Still I would like to know:

    When running, what constitutes (un)acceptable leg exposure?

thumbphp.jpg These Adistar side-splits (specs), look fine when worn on race day by a gazelle or speed racers but, for us novices, would it be going too far to don such briefs for our neighbourhood jogs?

As an analogy, consider the dilemma of togs (Australian: swimming costume):

Today: 3.5mi, 25:15… in Adistar side-splits — not sure but I thought I heard someone say “aiye, he jogs in togs!”.


Elbow room

February 14, 2007

The gym I use is packed with exercise equipment, leaving users little elbow room. The ramifications of these cramped quarters were never more obvious than today. I was well into my treadmill work out — a simulated hill fartlek — when I noticed a guy start using the rowing machine, situated about two (2) feet to my immediate left. stamina_ats_1410_air_rower_rowing_machine.jpg

He vigorously whirled that spin wheel but it only lasted for a few minutes before he switched and started doing light weights and stretches. My first thought was that rower-guy either went out too hard or he’s got little endurance.

It wasn’t until after I had completed my own milling, as I courteously wiped off the machine for the next user, that I was overcome with pangs of guilt and embarassment. All around the rowing machine was so much sweat-splatter that it looked like a rain cloud had just burst above it!

Just then it occurred to me why rower-guy had abandoned his workout. Sometimes, I disgust myself. Sorry rower-guy.

Today: Fartlek (TM) 4mi@7-9.5w1%-2.5%, 30:45; +core strength

Poor running-etiquette

February 8, 2007

Sometimes, when I’m out for a run, if passed by someone speedier, I pick it up and give chase like a heat-seeking missile, until I’m shadowing him/her. You can’t predict people’s reactions though. Some get annoyed by it (duh) which makes my effort, ipso facto, poor running-etiquette. Others, however, seem to like the camaraderie, working together, and therefore makes the practice quite acceptable. So you see, it all depends.

Speaking of poor running-etiquette, the following is illustrative:

The ending is hilarious, a metaphor of the different mentalities, runner and non-runner.

Today: 14.01mi, 1:51:16 (7:56)