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An exercise cocktail

February 28, 2007

    I did a “bikran“.

spinaltwist.jpgimg_09911.jpgIn affectionate reference to an exercise sequence that (as far as I know) is unique to me, the term bikran was coined.

Bikran is a blended word which I define as a combination of specific yoga postures, practiced in a simulated sauna — to wit Bikram Yoga — immediately following the completion of running exercise.

With a bikran, I worry less about lactic acid accumulating and lingering in my running muscles because I flush it out through 90 minutes of muscle contraction/lengthening in heat.

I have also developed a variation bikran. Between the two (2) segments of this combo, I sandwich in a 10-minute, leg-immursed ice bath. This reduces any inflammation caused by the run, before moving into the hot yoga. I call this exercise-cocktail “bikran on rocks” 😉


    Do not attempt any of my personal exercise sequences; any attempts are done at one’s own risk.

Today: 9.01mi, 1:05:46 (av. 7:18/mi)